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  • State and Local Tax (SALT) Forum

  • State and Local Tax (SALT) Forum

    To all of our visitors:  Please feel free to share your experiences, case study and commentary in the multistate, or state and local tax area, here in our forum.  (Please remember that all case study information will be kept anonymous).  The goal here is to compile experiences so that practitioners and professionals in industry could collaborate in an attempt to help manage and mitigate tax exposures for all.  Again, our goal is to collaborate, and perhaps, network, so that all could better manage and serve their organizations, as best as humanly possible, in this area of taxation.  Please understand that advice cannot be offered or given and should not be relied upon without an engagement with our firm or any other firm offering advice.  Instead this blog is intended as a resource to share experiences and to network with the hope of finding the appropriate professional service provider that offers such advice.

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    Anthony Parenti

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    Anthony Parenti | 12/23/2011

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